The Girl

Now that you’re familiar with The Goal, I think it’s necessary, albeit a bit selfish, to introduce you to “the girl” so you can better understand the Half Marathon training process from my perspective.

And I know you’ve been asking yourself, who is this 22-year-old fit non-runner who fancies herself a blogger? Me. Otherwise known as Jessie Cadle, the clumsy bookworm, improvisational comedian, group fitness instructor and junior copywriter.

I am a gangly human, 5’9’’ in height with little control over my limbs, who everyone always assumed would be good at “the sports.” Instead, I had to attend remedial throwing and catching for lack of hand eye coordination. So “athletic” has never been my adjective of choice.

But starting in college, I’ve worked to be fit. So I could be a healthier human being, and because, to be totally honest and shallow, I wanted to be strong. I began taking yoga classes and group fitness classes, and I found myself, somehow out of the context of high school gym, enjoying them.

In order to help other people like myself, those who wanted to be fit but never considered themselves fit, I became an ACE-certified group fitness instructor my senior year of college. I’ve taught classes both at school and at a small gym in Mt. Lebanon, Training By Tami, owned and run by my (much stronger and awesome-er) mother.

My dad and I after a 5k Mud Run. He will be running the half marathon alongside me!

My dad and I after a 5k Mud Run. He will be running the half marathon alongside me!

With all of that said, I’ve never been a runner. I’ve run a few 5ks in my day (and a few mud runs with my dad), but I’ve never fancied myself someone with life skills like “endurance” or “patience.” Not to mention, I hate mornings with a burning passion — the optimal time to train. So it never seemed appealing to run for longer stretches, but when I moved back to Pittsburgh, I wanted a new fitness challenge.

I currently take yoga classes once a week at YogaFlow in Shadyside and boot camp classes at the amazing Panthro Fitness in the Strip District, and I love these outlets. But I wanted to work towards a specific, measurable goal. Even if that goal seems insurmountable at present.

So here I am: A young woman on a mission to do something totally out of her wheelhouse. I hope you’ll come along for the ride (or in this case, race).


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